“The bathtub was too slippery”.

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“The bathtub was too slippery”. How do you reconcile the slipperiness of a surface that, by nature and function, is inherently slippery? When is a slippery surface too slippery? Analysis of normal potentially slippery surfaces is complex and requires an expertise to understand the kinematics of an incident and how all the existing conditions played a role in the incident. At Quality Forensic Engineering, LLC, we have that engineering expertise and can put it to work for you.

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John Leader
Leader Law Firm, P.C., Tucson, AZ
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"I would wholeheartedly recommend Quality Forensic Engineering to anyone."
Robert Spohrer
Spohrer & Dodd, Trial Attorneys, Jacksonville, FL
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"They always add value to our cases."
Joel Nelson
Keating O’Gara Law, Lincoln, NE
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"A true independent expert."
Julian Wood
Wood & Wood, P.A., St. Petersburg, FL
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"Always professional and strong on opinions."
Craig Cannon
The Cannon Law Firm, Ocala, FL
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"I could not have prevailed in the case without their help."