Biomechanical Analysis & Injury Consistency

Material Fracture Analysis

Biomechanics is the study of the actions and reactions of the human body under various sets of circumstances. This can include assessing the forces during a motor vehicle accident, analyzing the motions that occur during a trip event, determining the injury mechanisms present during an accident, and evaluating how the laws of physics relate to specific types of injuries. Biomechanical analysis also identifies and quantifies forces on the body as well as how an individual’s living tissue reacts to these forces, with the goal of understanding how injuries occur. This includes the use of testing, simulations, and studies to understand both the magnitudes of forces on the body during an accident and the manner in which these forces are applied. Biomechanical engineers not only assess motions and forces from accidents but also explain these complex mechanics in simple terms and analogies to aid clients and juries in the understanding of injury consistency, causation, and comparison situations.

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