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President / CEO

With over 25 years of experience investigating and testifying in cases involving a variety of forensic engineering issues, Dr. Pfeifer is a leading expert in accident reconstruction, roadside safety, maintenance of traffic, and the analysis of mechanical systems and product failures. Dr. Pfeifer has a strong background in the design, development, and implementation of roadside safety hardware including guardrails, bridge rails, and crash cushions. Over 33 patents have been filed worldwide on behalf of Dr. Pfeifer and associated colleagues who invented safer guardrail systems and terminals, vehicle storage systems, shipping container handling systems, and material handling and storage methods.  Dr. Pfeifer has published numerous papers to various organizations including the Transportation Research Board and Port Technology International, covering topics ranging from new guardrail systems, energy absorbing guardrail terminals, and breakaway mechanisms incorporated in traffic signs to material handling technology.  Dr. Pfeifer’s expertise has been shared with many organizations such as the Florida Justice Association, Palm Beach County Justice Association, American Bar Association, Defense Research Institute, and Alabama Defense Lawyers Association with presentations he’s made on topics including vehicle collisions, bicycle accidents, roadway construction zones, and accident reconstruction expert witness utilization. Dr. Pfeifer is a registered Professional Engineer in three states and stays current with new technology in the field of forensic engineering.  He has refined his skills and knowledge of accident construction and roadside safety by taking dozens of continuing education courses over the span of his career.


Betty Gillander


Ms. Gillander, CFO, uses over 25 years of finance, accounting, technology, and project management experience with Fortune 500 companies to run the operations of Quality Forensic Engineering, LLC.  Her expertise in managing hundreds of IT and Finance projects around the globe as well as leading the financial operations of Latin American entities and key executive and process reengineering efforts in various industries help her to manage the operations involved with the diverse cases at Quality Forensic Engineering, LLC  Her responsibilities cover the finance, accounting, IT, and Human Resource functions of the company as well as the relationships with outsourced vendors which include those in the banking, technology, commercial/employee insurance, and accounting industries.  Ms. Gillander holds a B.S. in Finance and an M.B.A. from Florida State University.


Chris Yates, P.E.

Senior Engineer

Mr. Yates, P.E., is a Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years of experience in accident reconstruction and forensic engineering specializing in collisions with vehicles, tractor-trailers, pedestrians, motorcycles and bicycles.  His experience includes analysis of electronic module downloads for both automobile airbag modules and tractor-trailer electronic control modules.  Mr. Yates also has experience with occupant kinematics, seat belts, and product failure analysis.


Traci K. Campbell, P.E., CXLT

Senior Engineer

Ms. Campbell, P.E., CXLT, is an Industrial engineer with over 20 years of experience specializing in industrial accident reconstruction, including slip, trip, and fall analysis, human and environment interaction, forklift operation, applicable standards and guidelines, and workplace safety issues.  Her expertise also includes accident reconstruction involving vehicles, trucks, tractor-trailers, and recreational vehicles, as well as, product failure analysis.  She has experience with amusement park and theme park accidents and safety related issues. Ms. Campbell is also a CXLT – Certified XL Tribometrist (slip index evaluation) and a certified counter balance forklift operator.  She is a registered Professional Engineer in five states and is a member of multiple engineering organizations and societies in order to stay current with new technology and improving techniques in the field of forensic engineering.


Sean P. Vozza

Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Vozza is a Mechanical Engineer with a focus on motor vehicle accident reconstruction, including automobiles, trucks, tractor-trailers, motorcycles, and watercrafts. He also works with slip and fall investigations and analysis, ANSI and ASTM standards, product failure analysis, powered mobility device analysis, digital/graphic accident reconstruction, 3D scanning and documentation, unmanned aerial vehicle documentation, and commercial and passenger vehicle inspection and documentation.


Mitchell Chermak

Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Chermak, BSME, EIT, is a Mechanical Engineer specializing in accident reconstruction and forensic engineering research and analysis. He has assisted senior level engineers with reconstruction of accidents involving vehicles, tractor-trailers, and pedestrians and has also assisted with product liability cases. His inspections of vehicles and scenes have included the acquisition and analysis of Airbag Control Module (ACM) data, FARO scans, and orthomosaic drone imagery.


Tyler White

Mechanical Engineer

Mr. White, BSME, is a Mechanical Engineer specializing in accident reconstruction. He holds a certificate in thermal fluid systems from Florida State University, and has additional background experience in forensic engineering covering a multitude of various types of cases. He assists senior level engineers with accident reconstruction through the use of documentation, analysis, and graphics. Mr. White has additional experience in regards to product testing, data interpretation and design validation.


Erich L. Breedlove

Forensic Specialist

Mr. Breedlove is a Forensic Specialist with a background in accident reconstruction and rapid response documentation to preserve and capture evidence. He is a certified Faro 3D Laser Scanner operator and has expertise in 3D Aerial Mapping, Surveying, Video Documentation and is Part 107 UAS licensed for commercial drone operation. His expertise includes electronic module downloads for both automobile airbag modules and tractor-trailer electronic control modules. Mr. Breedlove has experience documenting and examining product failure and premises liability issues.  He is instrumental in assisting with the assessment and usage of new technologies and exploring and identifying innovative applications for use.  He assists tremendously in marketing efforts to further serve our clients.


Patrick D. Weber

Forensic Technician

Mr. Weber is an Engineering Technician who specializes in accident site preservation and documentation based on many years of experience as a law enforcement officer. As an initial investigative responder, his duties include locating and identifying evidence at accident sites, then measuring and photographically recording each characteristic of that specific piece of evidence. As the investigation process continues, his duties include analysis of police photos through use of photogrammetry, deposition testimonies, and related research to create scale Court diagrams depicting the accident scene with all physical evidence present for accident reconstruction purposes.


Iola J. Goeke, SPHR

Office Manager

Ms. Goeke actively serves with the executive management team providing guidance to staff for consistent application of corporate directives, management philosophies, policies, and procedures in support of the initiatives and strategic goals of Quality Forensic Engineering, LLC.   She uses over 30 years of experience to manage the day-to-day administrative operations including the development and implementation of the entire marketing program and the management of facilities.  Ms. Goeke is instrumental in providing leadership, direction and training to staff, assisting with new hires, employee orientation and employee counseling.  She also administers human resource matters for the firm, develops policies and procedures, and assists with vendor and contract management.


Melissa Walker

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Walker is responsible for providing administrative and case management support to Dr. Pfeifer and his engineering team. She also assists the Office Manager with the marketing program by coordinating marketing trips and facilitating meetings with clients and potential clients.  Ms. Walker assists the engineering team and clients with the logistics and coordination of vehicle and scene inspections and is instrumental in maintaining the case management system.


Linda M. Slade

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Slade is responsible for the switchboard and reception area, file room, supply purchasing, as well as providing support to the Office Manager, CEO, and CFO.  She is the first voice many clients hear when directing incoming calls and greeting incoming visitors.  She assists with documenting accounting information, ordering supplies, running conflict checks, processing new files, and following up on client and vendor contracts.

julia (1)

Julia Anzalone

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Anzalone is responsible for providing administrative support to the CEO, CFO, and Office Manager. With 15 years of experience in billing and bookkeeping, she provides assistance with reconciling accounts, processing case files, and providing back-up support to other personnel.  She assists in creating and documenting policies and procedures as well as working with clients to maintain updated information in the case management system. 


Paul L. Robinson

Maintenance Technician

Mr. Robinson provides maintenance and custodial services for the firm and is instrumental in maintaining the firm’s work environment.

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