Slip, Trip & Fall Investigations

Slip, Trip & Falls

Our forensic engineer team has specialized expertise in evaluating the safety of areas where slips, trips, and falls occur.

At Qforensics, we combine engineering proficiency with experience around building safety codes and standards governing walkways. When safety codes are not adhered to, they can contribute to injuries. Our workplace safety experts analyze the conditions using tools such as the English XL Variable Incident Tribometer that allow us to use peer reviewed, accepted scientific methods to measure and evaluate the slip resistance of a floor surface.

Also, using other analytical tools such as applicable standards, codes, and guidelines along with knowledge and experience, our engineers perform a thorough investigation and determine conclusions that are understandable and based on facts and can be substantiated with expert witness testimony in court.

Our Slip, Trip & Fall Expert Investigations Include:

  • Identifying the underlying causes of slip, trip, or fall incidents
  • Conducting slip resistance testing
  • Evaluating compliance with care standards and codes
  • Assessing property upkeep and cleanliness practices
  • Analyzing design and construction factors contributing to incidents

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