Tire Failure Analysis

Tire Failure Analysis

Qforensics’ tire expert, Brian Darr, PE, who has appeared on Nancy Grace Crime Stories, is a well-seasoned and highly esteemed specialist in tire failure. He leads our tire failure team. Our team of forensic engineers will carefully examine the tire and the vehicle to uncover any possible reasons for the failure.

This includes assessing factors such as tire usage, wear and tear on the tread and sidewall, signs of over deflection (due to being underinflated or carrying too heavy a load), exposure to road hazards, impact damage, the effects of tire aging, presence of foreign materials, improper maintenance, manufacturing defects, and other potential road hazards that may have led to the tire failure.

We will also verify the compatibility of the tire with the vehicle, as this will help to determine the make, model, and size of the tire used, as well as the services performed on it.

For more information about our tire failure expert, please visit our specialist site. 

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