Simulations in Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

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Computer modeling plays a major role in reconstructing motor vehicle accidents. The methodology utilized in accident reconstruction software packages is widely accepted in the field. These methods are based on the Laws of Physics, including the Principle of Conversation of Momentum, one of the most fundamental laws in physics governing motions and mechanics of two colliding objects, as well as crush-energy methods dating back to the late 1960s and early 1970s. The software has been extensively validated, peer-reviewed and published in accident reconstruction literature. In addition to providing a reliable tool for performing reconstructions, computer simulations may be used to create animations. For example, these simulations may assist in demonstrating how an accident occurred, what was visible to the drivers, and how the vehicles moved upon contact, which may help answer questions regarding which driver initiated the contact, occupant injury consistency, and human factors aspects such as driver reaction times. Our engineers at Quality Forensic Engineering, LLC, are trained in various software and simulation techniques such as PC-Crash and Human, Vehicle, Environment (HVE) which may be used to analyze and visualize various aspects of motor vehicle accidents.

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