Quality Forensic Engineering, LLC welcomes: Ian M. Zeller Ph.D. ACTAR  – Biomechanical Engineer

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Quality Forensic Engineering, LLC welcomes –

Ian M. Zeller Ph.D. ACTAR  – Biomechanical Engineer

Dr. Zeller is an accomplished engineer with more than 10 years of experience in biomechanics and computational dynamics fields. He has investigated hundreds of cases ranging from motor vehicle accidents, recreational incidents, medical device designs, as well as injuries from product liability all across the United States. Dr. Zeller has graduate level experience in computational dynamics and orthopedic biomechanics with a specific emphasis in dynamics, vibrations, joint contact mechanics, and muscle control during static and dynamic loading applications. Dr. Zeller’s past research includes clinical and computational analysis of the human body with respect to the design and implantation of orthopedic devices for the knee, hip, and spine. He has published in peer-reviewed journals and presented research at both technical and surgical conferences in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Dr. Zeller has an extensive background in biomechanics including the development, validation, and application of mechanical models of the human body using statistical modeling and prediction techniques coupled with motions captured from live human subjects. These models are parameterized for anatomy and physiology and are capable of simulating and predicting joint mechanics for healthy, diseased, and surgically-repaired knees in living subjects of varying demographic groups, facilitating improved targeting of interventional strategies and techniques. Dr. Zeller also worked with surgeons across the United States in the design and assessment of knee replacement devices, including personalized and prototype devices to optimize for efficacy and safety.

Dr. Zeller Additionally is accredited as a traffic accident reconstructionist and continues to conduct research as well as maintain a current knowledge of developing trends and best practices in the biomechanics and engineering fields. Dr. Zeller has published to various organizations on topics ranging from knee replacement design, forward solution modeling, joint mechanics, personalized joint replacements, material structures and properties as well as biological modeling of disease distributions. He also has an extensive testifying history including depositions, trials, and arbitrations.

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